Corona Virus Closure Update

Right now, Pittman’s Academy will be closed, as are all gyms, through April 3rd by order of the City of Lubbock.  That could be extended or shortened at any time based on what the mayor wants to do.

No one will lose out on any of their training because we are closed.  Just as always, all your unused training is available for you to use when we are able to reopen.

Additionally, we will apply any training you’ve paid for while we are closed to your next level of membership. For instance, if you are a basic training student, we will reduce the total cost of your Black Belt Leadership program by the amount you’ve paid in tuition during our forced closure.  Black Belt students will also be able to use this program toward their next level of training.

If, for whatever reason, a person is not ready for the next level of commitment, our Basic Training students will be able to train to green belt under their program for no additional cost.

We are encouraging everyone to keep up with their training as much as possible through the series of videos we are posting in our Facebook group to keep your minds and bodies strong.  If you have not joined that group, you may do so by going to and requesting an invite.  Now is a great time to refocus on your goals and to continue working towards them.  


You are welcome to call Mr. Crawford at (806) 470-5875 with any additional questions or concerns.

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